Frequently Asked Questions

What are the instructions for using this product?

Check out the instructional video HERE.

What is the usage level?

Each product differs , please see the spec sheet for more info.

What is the usage level based on?

For unsweetened baked goods, usage level should be calculated based on flour weight. For all other products, calculate usage level based on total weight.

What is the label declaration for this product?

Each product differs, please see the spec sheet.

How much will shelf life increase?

Shelf life depends on many variables including your starting material, manufacturing facility, packaging type, storage conditions, and pH. In most cases, decreasing your pH will greatly increase the efficacy of our product (a reduction of 1 in pH and can increase the efficacy of the preservative by 10x). Depending on these variables you would expect to double your shelf life or more.

How will your preservatives affect the flavor profile of my product?

Based on your products ability to absorb flavor, we do not anticipate a flavor impact at the lower limit of the recommended usage level. We always recommend tasting the final product to determine the optimal usage rate.

How do your natural preservatives work?

The antimicrobial activity for our cultured products comes from the combination of organic acids produced via our fermentation. Acid molecules penetrate the microbial cell walls and once inside the cell, will release its hydrogen ion (H+). In the attempt to pump out the hydrogen ions, the microbial cell consumes enormous amounts of energy leading to cell death.

Our liquid products work by interfering with reproduction and is therefore considered a biostatic as opposed to a microbicidal.

What are the differences between your preservatives?

See the comparison sheet (CLICK HERE).

Can this product withstand high heat?

High temperatures do not impact our products efficacy.

At what point should I add the preservative to my product?

To allow for even distribution, the preservative should be added at a point in your process which allows for the greatest blending.

Why does pH range matter?

For our cultured products, antimicrobial activity is caused by the ability of organic acids to dissociate. The lower your end product pH, the more effective this product will be.

How do I measure the pH of my product?

pH is tested using a pH meter (we do not recommend pH strips). The Oakton pH Spear is an excellent meter which can be purchased on Amazon (CLICK HERE).

How do your natural products compare to synthetic preservatives?

Our products have been used successfully by many companies looking to switch from synthetic petroleum-based preservatives. Be sure to consider increased usage and higher costs for natural vs. synthetic preservatives.

Can multiple preservatives be combined for added protection?

In some situations, it may be advantageous to use several preservatives in tandem. Contact us so we can assess the ideal preservative(s) for your product.

What is the country of origin?

We manufacture the majority of our products in the USA. Be sure to check the specification sheet for more information.

How do I store the product?

Our products should be stored in a cool, temperate, warehouse conditions where temperature does not exceed 80 °F and relative humidity does not exceed 60%. Keep away from heat and light sources.

Can you share studies of your preservatives efficacy in other products?

Shelf life depends on many variables including your starting material, manufacturing facility, pH, packaging type, storage conditions, and your products ability to absorb flavor. Since each product is unique, reviewing studies from other products will not be accurate and it’s therefore important to run studies on your specific product.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 50lbs for most products. We do offer smaller volumes on amazon for a select number of products.

Do you ship oversees?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

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